Shotokan Karate of Curaçao

International School of CuraçaoShotokan Karate of Curaçao (SKC) is a non-profit organization that has been teaching traditional karate-do in Curacao since 1977.

Gobin Persaud, sandan, introduced Ohshima Shotokan Karate to Curaçao and the former Netherlands Antilles. SKC is an international dojo of Shotokan Karate of America (SKA), which was founded and is still led by Tsutomu Ohshima. As such Mr. Ohshima is still the chief instructor of Shotokan Karate of Curacao (SKC). As per 2011, Shotokan Karate of Curaçao (SKC) has officially been granted the status of an SKA-affiliated international organization.